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Welcome to the vibrancy project, a collaboration between Present Sense and Feeling Amazing Again.

Reclaiming the vibrancy in life

Who are we?

Cat and Steve first connected 14 years ago through their mutual interest and awareness of ancient healing practices. They both observed that the pace of technological innovations was being accompanied by the evaporation of work/life balance, ultimately leading to a loss of focus on health and the fundamentals of wellbeing. 


Whilst they developed expertise on different paths, they came together and found common ground on the necessity of careful management of the mind and the body as a whole. It is this unique approach that they bring to organisations and their people.

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Founder and Director of
Feeling Amazing Again.

Catherine is an international Healthy Culture Consultant specialising in HEALTHFUL HIGH PERFORMANCE for the workplace.

An accredited nutrition health coach and protective health specialist, Catherine combines her wellness expertise and 30 years experience in corporate leadership roles, to support organisations to embed healthful work practices that match the demands of our tech driven era

Founder and Director of
Present Sense

Steve has been studying and practicing mindfulness for over 20 years. His background as a scientist, actor, producer, and energetic healer informs his practice and teaching.


Steve’s unique method of delivery repeatedly demonstrates positive results with a high level of engagement

Why we are collaborating

We are passionate about assisting organisations in caring for their employees mental and physical health.

We've  observed the impact of technological advances and the corresponding loss of internal connection that is so fundamental to health and wellbeing.

We are excited to have developed a set of tools proven to assist individuals to regain control of their lives, and to be more mindful and present in  every day life

Our courses are liberating for the desk-bound and energizing for the creative spirit. We provide inspiration to participants  and encourage them to reconnect within themselves, monitor their thoughts and emotions, and allow their intuition and inner wisdom to flourish.

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We use different mediums to engage and inspire organisations, teams and individuals, to build awareness of the pitfalls of current health habits and lifestyles. We highlight the possibilities and opportunities of living a healthy life – and we package this in a fun, relaxed, and engaging format, with straightforward simple steps to rebuild the connection between mind and body. We also support and guide participants to embed new habits into their lives.


Awareness training, how to listen to your body, how to understand and identify nourishing foods.


A variety of options for building physical and mental stamina.


Tips and Hacks related to mindfulness, movement, and nourishment that can be easily assimilated into the working day.

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Image by Anh Nguyen

Increased employee engagement.

Employee loyalty and trust towards their organisation.

Healthier, happier, more collaborative employees. Calmer and more efficient working environments.

We also support organisations in meeting their social commitments within their ESG programs and can tailor programs directly to organisational needs.

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