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What my clients say about me

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"As a business owner, I need to work at optimum energy levels to balance my busy work and personal life. Cat was able to capture my priorities and design a program specific to my needs. I can genuinely say that this has been one of the most beneficial investments I’ve made for my career.

Cat provides practical tools and tips to embed change over the long term. Her corporate background means she understands the pressures businesspeople face working in complex organisations. That, combined with her passion for holistic health, means that I trust her recommendations. My tailored coaching program also allows me to learn, experiment and develop the best habits to work at peak performance. Thank you Cat!"

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"Knowledge is power and having coaching with Cat has finely tuned my self-knowledge and clarified the actions I need to take NOW to optimise my health. Knowing I have regular sessions in the diary certainly keeps me on track!"

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"I truly loved Cat’s coaching style. It’s very in-line with my own values and totally in flow. I felt incredibly relaxed and safe during our sessions. She listens to you and asks the right questions. Cat really cares about making you feel better and improving the quality of your life. The sessions were full of insights and fun as well.

Cat's presence was reassuring and empowering.


She really knows how to hold space and I truly appreciate her knowledge in the health and wellness field, her calmness, wisdom and life experience. I am already implementing many of the things that we’ve discussed and committing to myself and my wellbeing. I am feeling more energised and optimistic, because there is nothing I can’t tackle . Cat breaks things down into tiny actions and she holds you accountable. She is your cheerleader!"

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"This is truly a life changing program, a wake-up call, and a new beginning. Thank you for restoring my chaotic mind and

de-stressing my life, with your support and guidance.  I have been able to achieve what I thought was unachievable and I am refocusing my energies to what is most important in my life right now, ME!


Catherine is attentive in the sessions, knowledgeable, a great listener and experienced on many levels. I have already recommended Catherine to some of my executive colleagues that are in need of de-stressing and reprioritising.  They have seen first-hand the lifestyle changes I have made on my wellbeing journey and are intrigued.”

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